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"One of my objectives is to make IVM a procedure that can be done as part of the routine work in a large volume iVF practice. The Steiner-Tan needles helps enable us to achieve that objective. The primary benefit for IVM is that flushing enables the embryologist to find and identify oocytes in a large volume of flushed fluid that has minimal clots and debris (flushing with PBS without heparin).  Oocyte identification becomes fairly routine for the experienced embryologist and does not require the use of a cell filter.  I have recently transferred my IVM program from a small boutique practice to a large volume IVF practice and implementation has been easy because of these needles.

June 2017

Bruce Rose PhD, MD / Brown Fertility / Jacksonville, FL" / USA


Invented and produced by an IVF Pioneer in Austria with clinical experience since 1988

The mission of is to improve and optimize Technique in ART in order to get a benefit
for IVF patients and IVF Doctors as well.

Our IVF Center in Graz, Austria, has a top ranking of clinical PR of 42,9% at Austrian IVF Register 2014.


Our devices will bring a break through…

The fact, that one scientist is combining invention, development and production of devices is unique worldwide in ART.

Devices produced by IVFETFLEX.COM for sure will bring a break through in Human and Veterinarian ART in the future.

The owner, Dr.H.P. Steiner:

We do not use Time Laps Technology, no IMSI, no Recomb. Gonadotrophins, no Laser etc. My goal was to optimize Egg Collection Technique and Embryo Transfer Technique just following Law of Physics, when I developed my needle, flushing pump and Embryo Transfer Catheter

… in Human

… an Veterinarian ART in the future.