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29.11. 2018 We received following statement, written by Prof. Michel De Vos UZ Brussels:

You can definitely mention our centre as users of your pump/needle system for selected IVM cases.



STEINER FLUSH/ VALVE, mechanical flushing pump.

After payment of deposit of € 250.- we will send you the pump. Money back guarantee minus

costs for shipment as soon as you send the pump back without any damage. 

Please contact us for more details.

  Hans-Peter Steiner, CEO.





Invented and produced by an IVF Pioneer in Austria with clinical experience since 1988

The mission of is to improve and optimize Technique in ART in order to get a benefit
for IVF patients and IVF Doctors as well.

Our IVF Center in Graz, Austria, has a top ranking of clinical PR of 42,9% at Austrian IVF Register 2014.


Our devices will bring a break through…

The fact, that one scientist is combining invention, development and production of devices is unique worldwide in ART.

Devices produced by IVFETFLEX.COM for sure will bring a break through in Human and Veterinarian ART in the future.

The owner, Dr.H.P. Steiner:

We do not use Time Laps Technology, no IMSI, no Laser etc. My goal was to optimize Egg Collection Technique and Embryo Transfer Technique just following Law of Physics, when I developed my needle, flushing pump and Embryo Transfer Catheter

… in Human

… and Veterinarian ART in the future.

Egg Collection Devices for euqine, bovine IVF. Camel, Rhino, Panda.