Video instruction and comment Milton Leong, Hong Kong:

Computer animation:


STEINER ET123 is compatible with BRAUN Tuberculine Syringe and enables a turning movement of plunger of syringe in order to guarantee a soft release of embryos during Embryo Transfer and to avoid Stick Slip Effect.

Desinfection: local medical Desinfectans.

Procedere: Please fill syringe plus (any) Catheter with Medium.

Click adapter at plunger of  BRAUN Tuberculine Syringe.

  • For Transfer Volume 20µl : marked end in direction Catheter
  • For Transfer Volumen 10µl: marked end in direction Catheter

Pos.12h : Biologist starting a 90° turning movement towards 2h:
Air ( optional), medium. 

Pos. 2h: Embryo, air, medium towards 3h.

Pos.3h:  Tuberculine syringe plus attached catheter handed over at physician. For Embryo Release slow movement from 3h towards 12h counting 1-2-3. Same time soft pressure on plunger of syringe. 
It will be up to you to activate syringe for Embryo Release or ask your Biologist or other assistance to do so. I learned this option at UZ Brussels, where the Biologist activates the syringe on commando.


85.00 EUR

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