Video instruction and comment Milton Leong, Hong Kong:

Computer animation:


STEINER ET123 is compatible with BRAUN Inject F 1ml Syringe and enables a turning movement of plunger of syringe in order to guarantee a soft release of embryos during Embryo Transfer and to avoid Stick Slip Effect and inject exact volume of fluid.

Desinfection: local medical Desinfectans.

Procedere: Please fill syringe plus (any) Catheter with Medium.

Click ESTEINR123 at plunger of  BRAUN Tuberculine Syringe.

  • For Transfer Volume 20µl : marked end in direction Catheter
  • For Transfer Volumen 10µl: marked end in direction Catheter

Please see video how the device is used in our IVF Unit.

It will be up to you to activate syringe plus STEINER123 for Embryo Release or ask your Biologist or other assistance to do so. I learned this option at         UZ Brussels, where the Biologist activates the syringe on commando.


Bildergebnis für Freude ivfFeed Back Georg Freude, Vienna, Austria: " I am using STEINER ET123 in all my ET´s with great success.

                                                     It is easy to handle, as I am used to load th catheter and release embryos without any assistance."

85.00 EUR

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