STEINER-TAN Needle 19 gauge classic




Less pain

Less bleeding

Doubling turbulences during both aspiration and flushing as well compared with any DL Needle on the market.

Compatible with any Needle Guide on the market.

Warming element at pump guarantees constant  temp.

No flushing holding syringe in hand.

Option A.) 

Flushing follicles per hand.

As soon as follicle is collapsed, assistance turns 3 Way Stop Cock 90°in order to stop aspiration tubing. 
On physician`s commando she inject`s flushing fluid after connecting a 20cc syringe,which is filled with pre warmed flushing fluid, with Luer of flushing tubing , and refill`s( flushes) follicle.
For aspiration 3 Way Stop Cock has to be turned back.

Option B.)

Golden Standard:

STEINER-TAN Needle 19gauge classic in combination with STEINER Flush/Valve, mechanical flushing pump.


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25.00 EUR

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