STEINER-TAN Needle 17gauge


STEINER-TAN Needle 17gauge: for all OPU´s in normal IVF.
As soon as your Biologists gives you a need for flushing, you can start flushing without changing needle.

STEINER-TAN Needle is a unique Needle Technology starting with a lumen 7 cm prox. of needle tip outside of needle. At this position 2 drilled holes bring a communication with flushing fluid in plastic tubing surrounding needle.


1.) 1 lumen guarantees optimal turbulences during aspiration and flushing as well.

2.) at least 3 fold shorter aspiration and flushing time in comparison with DL Needles.

3.) This technique enables flushing needles down to 21gauge.

4.) Optimizing number of eggs/ follicle is the way towards milder IVF reducing Gonadotrophins.

Details for the STEINER-TAN Needle17gauge:

Option A.)

Flushing follicles with STEINER Flush/Valve, mechanical flushing pump:
3 Way Stop Cock has to be clicked at STEINER Flush/Valve.

Option B.) 

Flushing follicles per hand ( physician or assistance)
As soon as follicle is collapsed, assistance turns 3 Way Stop Cock 90°in order to stop aspiration tubing. 
On physician`s commando assistance  inject`s flushing fluid after connecting a 20cc syringe,which is filled with pre warmed flushing fluid, with Luer of flushing tubing , and refille`s (flushes) follicle).
For aspiration 3 Way Stop Cock has to be turned back.

Please request the available current pricing! 

How to use the Steiner-TAN Needle:

Steiner-TAN Needle 21 gauge vs. 17 gauge Double Lumen Flushing Effect

on Request: Veterinarian IVF: 30 - 150 cm
(e.g. Horse, Camel, Rhino, ..)


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