STEINER-TAN Needle 19gauge


STEINER-TAN Needle 19gauge: for normal IVF or IVM.
Preferred by many colleagues, because there is a need only for minimal sedation and analgetics or even no sedation.

STEINER-TAN Needle is a unique Needle Technology starting double lumen 7 cm prox. of needle tip outside of needle. At this position 2 drilled holes bring a communication with flushing fluid in plastic tubing surrounding needle.


1.) 1 lumen guarantees optimal turbulences during aspiration and flushing as well.

2.) at least 3 fold shorter aspiration and flushing time in comparison with DL Needles.

3.) This technique enables flushing needles down to 21gauge.

4.) Optimizing number of eggs/ follicle is the way towards milder IVF reducing Gonadotrophins.

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STEINER-TAN Needle 19gauge Instructions:
Note: this information is essential for understanding new flushing technology, because the needle differs from any other flushing needle worldwide.



  • STEINER-TAN Needle has the aspiration effect of a single lumen needle.
    Computer Animation at
  • The needle is inserted in a plastik tubing,  proximal end of tubing
    with female LUER for syringe (filled with pre warmed flushing medium).

  • Flushing fluid runs outside needle allong the SL Needle via 2 drilled holes in the needle and towards the collapsed follicle during flushing.

Please make a training by activing the syringe by hand, watching the flushing fluid running allong outside needle, running inside needle via 2 holes.

In the needle the fluid runs towards follicle and NUNC Vial as well.

  • A 3 way valve at STEINER-TAN Needle Set must be turned 90% during flushing ( eather by hand of an assistance or with STEINER Flush/Valve.



If you are happy  user of  STEINER Flush/Valve the next steps are as following:

  • Place STEINER-Flush/Valve beside your usual aspiration pump.

  • Place pedal at the floor  as close as possible to your corpus axis. Flexion of knee 90° in order you can use weight of your body, when activating mechanical (!) pedal. Female colleagues: please avoid shoes with heels.

  • please click 3 way stop cock at STEINER Flush/Valve.
    Video at YouTube  steiner, flushing  or
    black button at the pump in position ON.

  • Insert 50cc  HSW Syringe with pre warmed flushing medium at syringe warmer of  STEINER Flush/Valve

Please insert the Silicon Stopper of STEINER Tan Needle Set in a NUNC Vial and connect it with tubing of your own aspiration pump. Use a second NUNC Vial as dummy for a follicle (both in a vial holder). Insert the Needle into dummy of follicle (Nunc Vial).

Activate the pedal  of STEINER Flush/Valve with  your left foot ( or right foot, if left foot is handy capped).

An electric motor will turn 3 way stop cock 90° towards flushing position. Further movement of pedal will activate flushing syringe and you can chose velocity pressure and amount of flushing fluid until follicle is refilled.

Please make sure, that the whole tubing system plus needle is filled with flushing  medium prior starting OPU!


How to use the Steiner-TAN Needle:

Steiner-TAN Needle 21 gauge vs. 17 gauge Double Lumen Flushing Effect

on Request: Veterinarian IVF: 30 - 150 cm
(e.g. Horse, Camel, Rhino, ..)

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