Advantage of Quasi Double Lumen STEINER-TAN needle

Congratulation, if you have achieved Time Laps Systems (TLS).

Dear IVF Experts, dear Embryologists!

Instead of this expensive Technology we invite you to introduce the new Egg Collection Technique invented by our CEO Dr. Hans-Peter Steiner at your Clinic in order to achieve a serious USP. You will save time and optimize percentage of eggs/follicle. 

Advantage of Quasi Double Lumen STEINER-TAN needle with 1 free inner lumen for both, aspiration and flushing as well, is guaranteed by Law of Physics. New Computer Animation: 

Poiseuille`s Law: If we increase the inner diameter of a needle out of 19%, we double the volume and turbulences enabling release of COC. Link at Book Chapter with more basic information: 

STEINER Flush/Valve: only mechanical flushing pump worldwide. Warming element guarantees 37° of flushing fluid. ALSO CAN BE USED WITH ANY DL NEEDLE! 

STEINER-TAN Needle: quasi Double Lumen (free inner lumen) for flushing follicles. Available in 17gauge, 19gauge, 21gauge. 

STEINER Vial Warmer with Sinus Signal, when Vial has to be changed 

Dr.Steiner: "My new Technique in Egg Collection optimizes percentage of eggs/ follicle, enables reduction of Gonadotropins towards Mild IVF and reduces operation time out of 50% in comparison with conventional DL Needles". 

Please contact us, if you wish to try our system at your IVF-Unit. (Also Vet. IVF !) All devices to order from us via Mail. If you are attending 16. World Congress on Human Reproduction 18/21 March 2015, Berlin, and if you wish a personal instruction in Needles and Pump by Dr. Steiner, please mail us in order to arrange an appointment. Post Lisbon Workshop at our IVF Clinic, Graz, Austria: June 18/19 2015. Please mail us for application formula. Visit of Schwarzenegger`s Museum and Lipizzaner Castel Piber (home of famous White Horses, Spanish Riding School Vienna), Austrian Evening with dinner and music. 

Kind regards, Hans-Peter Steiner

Founder of Inst. F. IVF in Graz, Austria since 1988

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