Carl Djerassi In Memoriam

Carl Djerassi ,91, died on Jan.30. 2015.

Dear IVF Experts, dear Embryologists!

He named himself `Mother of the Pill` and my person as his `Court Painter`.

Scientific world was hoping, that he should receive the Nobel Price, as he changed women's life. Pope Francis said some weeks ago: Catholics should not feel compelled to bread "like rabbits". When I read this statement, for me it was a sign, that Carl Djerassi could become the next candidate for Nobel Price. I am sad, that this wonderful person and scientist was not allowed to experience this moment.

When I mailed him my personal experience about the fact, that only extraordinary colleagues are interested in my new Egg Collection Technique with STEINER-TAN Needle, quasi double lumen, , which may change the paradigm from non flushing follicles towards flushing, Djerassi answered: "The story, you described, is sad, but not uncommon ... .As you are a talent in painting, why should not you try to write a Novel, in which you could `hide` your story as inventor ? ... " 

If you are attending 16. World Congress on Human Reproduction 18/21 March 2015, Berlin, and if you wish a personal instruction in Needles and Flushing Pump, please mail us in order to arrange an appointment. My lecture will be on Friday, March 20. 

Post Lisbon Workshop in New Egg Collection Technique at our IVF Clinic, Graz, Austria: June 18/19 2015 . Please mail us for application formula for life demonstration. Social program: visit of Schwarzenegger`s Museum and Lipizzaner Castel Piber (home of famous White Horses, Spanish Riding School Vienna), Austrian Evening with dinner and Austrian musi


Kind regards, Hans-Peter Steiner

Founder of Inst. F. IVF in Graz, Austria since 1988

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