The difference between STEINER-TAN Needle 17 gauge and conventional Double Lumen Needle 16 gauge.

Dear IVF Experts, dear Embryologists!

I would be happy to welcome you at our Booth A135 at ESHRE 2013 London and to introduce to you on the occasion of a Work Shop, using a dummy as follicle, how to aspirate and flush follicles with my devices.

At the picture below you can see the epoch-making difference between STEINER-TAN Needle 17 gauge and conventional Double Lumen Needle 16 gauge.


STEINER-TAN Needle 17gauge (top)

Single lumen for aspiration and flushing as well. Free inner lumen! 

Inner Diameter: 1,067mm 

Conventional Double Lumen Needles 16gauge Narrow inner lumen (ID: 0,8mm) for aspiration and narrow flushing lumen between 2 tubings, causing minimal turbulences of fluid during egg collection. 


I invite you to read my Book Chapter about my new STEINER-TAN Needle 17 (for normal IVF) and 21gauge (IVM, Spontaneous Cycle IVF) for flushing and see my Videos. 

STEINER-TAN Needle together with STEINER Flush/Valve and STEINER Vial Warmer with Sinus Signal, when vial has to be changed. 


- Textbook Of Minimal Stimulation IVF 

- YOUTUBE: STEINER-TAN Needle in IVM and normal IVF in egg collection 

- YOUTUBE: STEINER-TAN Needle 21 gauge vs. 17 gauge Double Lumen Flushing Effect 

- YOUTUBE: STEINER Flush/Valve Manual 


Prof. Milton Leong Hong Kong:

Dr. Steiner has created a new paradigm in egg collection. His needle is revolutionary.


Prof. Tetsuo Otani, Japan:

We like your needle very much.


Dr. Bruce Rose, USA:

Your Needle should be everyone`s choice in IVM.

Our technician will manufacture a special Needle Guide for your US Probe. 


My aim is to change the paradigm from non flushing towards flushing and to optimize percentage of eggs/follicles and reduce the amount of Gonadotropins. Also avoiding, that thousands of patients in Natural Cycles IVF are sent home after aspiration of one follicle without an egg due to non flushing. 

To order from us via Mail. We are looking for Distributors worldwide. 

Kind regards, Hans-Peter Steiner

Founder of Inst. F. IVF in Graz, Austria since 1988

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