STEINER-TAN Needle at Rhino

Dear IVF Experts, dear Embryologists!

I would like to invite you at my lecture New metallic spiral Embryo Transfer Catheter for difficult Embryo Transfer at COGI Frankfurt this week. 

Our Egg Collection Technique in combination with Embryo Transfer Technique (avoiding pressure changes) is a guarantee for our top ranking in IVF. We are concentrated on this 2 important steps in IVF and we do not need Time Laps Technology, IMSI, or Laser.

STEINER Flush/Valve: only mechanical flushing pump worldwide. Warming element guarantees 37° of flushing fluid. CAN ALSO BE USED WITH ANY DL NEEDLE! 

STEINER-TAN Needle: quasi Double Lumen (free inner lumen) for flushing follicles. Available in 17gauge, 19gauge, 21gauge. 

STEINER Vial Warmer with Sinus Signal, when Vial has to be changed 

STEINER-Cusco Speculum.


Advantage of Quasi Double Lumen STEINER-TAN Needle with free inner lumen for both, aspiration and flushing as well, is guaranteed by Law of Physics. New Computer Animation: 


We are looking for world wide Distributors for our CE certified products

Kind regards, Hans-Peter Steiner

Founder of Inst. F. IVF in Graz, Austria since 1988

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